Our mission is to give young adults the opportunity to become more confident through public speaking.

Public speaking forces you to think. Public speaking is a source of power.

Public speaking can make you famous.

In previous generations, the art was taught in schools and universities.

You had to make persuasive speeches if you were going to become a priest, a lawyer or a politician.

The intellectual system they used to teach public speaking was called 'rhetoric'.

Rhetoric is the study of language, psychology and creativity.

It trained young people not to be followers, but leaders (and for that reason it has always been controversial).

The great rhetoricians gave instructions on how to plead, preach, teach, sell, broadcast, Tweet, blog, lecture, write scripts and tell jokes.

It was a training for the whole person, it wasn't just about getting a good job.

In today's world that might mean becoming an entrepreneur, an author or an elected politician.

Our organisation has grown out of the European Speechwriter Network.

Through our training and conferences over the past 10 years, we’ve rediscovered some of the key insights of this system and we've adapted them for the 21st century.